Manorath / Seva

  • Mahaprasad Manorathi - $151.00
  • Satsang Manorathi - $101.00
  • Thakorjee Ni Suka & Leela Meva Ni Samagree Na Manorathi - $42.00
  • Thakorjini Suka Meva ni Samagri na Manorathi - $21.00
  • Thakorjini Leela Meva ni Samagri na Manorathi - $21.00

You may pay Nyochhavar for above manorath via direct credit 
Bank Account number for direct credit:  ASB Bank   12-3033-0522511-00

 reference-your name
particular- name of manorath

For further information please contact
Secretary : Sanjeev Shah
09 8367194 Mobile: 021 02522185
Treasurer : Viren Shah  
09 626 3778, Mobile  0274 610570
Email :

Vaishnav Parivar New Zealand - Haveli

All Donations in the following bank account will goes to Haveli Project fund in Auckland by Vaishnav Parivar (NZ) Inc. You can claim rebate from Inland Revenue Department (IRD) towards the donation to VPNZ. 

You can pay at the counter during fortnightly path/Satsang or by direct credit to our Haveli account. The bank details are as under.
Vaishanav Parivar (NZ) Inc. 
Asb Bank Limited, Mt.Roskill Branch, Auckland 
reference : your name 
Particular - Haveli 

Once you made a payment by Automatic payment or Direct Debit, please fill up the feedback form with all your details. The receipt will be issued in due course.

To arrange automatic payment you can use the enclosed form of your bank and submit to your bank and branch.
For further information you can contact
Name or Contact : Viren Shah at 
09 626 3778, Mobile at 0274 610570
Email :
Inland Revenue has approved for the purposes of sections KC 5, DB 32 and DV 11 of the Income Tax Act 2004. When a person makes a donation to the organisation listed in the , generally they can claim a rebate for that donation.